We help raise awareness of the issue of bullying

Bullying isn’t a new thing, it is an age-old problem that has often been swept under the rugs that can have life-long effects. Awareness involves the ability to understand, empathize, and feel compassion for others. It also involves understanding one’s own emotions, personal goals, and values.

We develop strategies to combat bullying

In order to implement a strategy, the choice has to be backed up with factual data and be specific to the application. This is synonymous with discipline and the child. Not every child will respond to the same disciplinary action, therefore the choice of strategy has to fit the individual.

We help you recognizing the unrecognizable in you.

Lots of people get bullied, but very few will admit to being a bully. One reason, they don’t know they are doing it. In order to know if your actions are bullying, you have to know the definition and most importantly, how the other person feels.

We help provide intervention resources

Bullying is a pervasive issue that can be a gateway for other unwanted social changes in an individual. With the wealth of anti-bully organizations and the ability to reach them online, help is an instant. What is known is that if you don’t raise your hand, bullying will be a constant. We are here to help.

We perform case studies

A wise man once said you can not fix something unless you know how it works.  Understanding bullying from the roots is essential to making change.  Don’t Stop is continuously performing new ways to collect statistics. Statistics represent an essential part of a study because, regardless of the study design, we need to summarize the collected information to interpret a solution.

We can get you help

Ignoring bullying WILL NOT make it go away and you need to tell someone it is happening. If it is happening in school, head straight to your Counselor. If it is happening outside school, head straight to your Parents, GrandParents or any relative you can trust.

If you feel you have no one you can speak to,  feel free to contact us through our anonymous help-line and we can point you in the right direction.