Ok, it is typical to be talking about your private lifestyle when some refers to being different but not in this blog. Being different means being unique in some way. Maybe the way you express yourself in dress, or maybe how you raise your children at home. Whatever the definition of “different” that fits you,  as long as you know who you are and you’re being the best you that you can possibly be day in and day out, your focus should never be on trying to please others and make then happy. We were created to be different, to be unique in our own way. Yet our refusal of being afraid to be different only taints us in how we think of ourselves.

Adapting to those around us sometimes makes the behavior look right

Social conformity, or adapting to and acting like those around us, can make certain behaviors seem more common, and therefore more normal, but all it really means is we are able to adjust our moral compass in order to acclimate and fit in. Look, there is no absolute definition of normal and no single best way to live but if you believe that the popular ways of thinking and behaving is ethical, or right, or better than others, just because, at times, it seems like “everybody’s doing it” or “everybody’s saying it.”  then you got to check yourself into the the Hotel of Reality.

It can be so incredibly difficult to trust your gut, to not look at what everyone else is doing, see that what you’re doing is so different, and not feel like you must be doing something wrong. The amount of self doubt that you feel can be overwhelming at times. But then you listen to your instinct. Drown out the self doubt. Stop looking at what other people are doing, and come back to yourself.

There are plenty of examples of research showing that diverse teams are more creative, more effective, and more innovative. We know that inclusive and high trust organizational cultures simply outperform others. So, by extension, this has to be true for individuals as well. The challenge to live in today’s society is overwhelming in a already complex and fluid world. I can only imagine the view from many of the younger generation, the impressionable generation of the time. There usually is a social cost to being different, but the value in that cost is determined by you.  Being different is who makes you who you are. It means you’re daring to live your own life, on your terms, with your values. It means you have courage to stand out from the mainstream. It means you’re interesting. Hug those differences, be grateful for them, own them. Be proud of them

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